What is a Run Gait Analysis?

Did you know that Jackson County PT offers run gait analyses?

What is a run gait analysis?
A run gait analysis is a way to determine your running form, looking in-depth at your joint angles through different parts of your gait cycle. This helps us understand the forces going through your body while you run.

If you have running related pain, a gait analysis is a great way to determine whether there are biomechanical changes we can make to improve your run form and reduce your pain. It can also help improve efficiency and performance of your running, and reduce your risk of developing a running related injury!

Why should you schedule a run gait analysis?
Whether you are elite, amateur, or purely recreational, no matter how long or far you run – you should get a run gait analysis!

Not only will it help determine if your run form may be contributing to any current pain, but improving your running gait may also reduce the likelihood of developing a future running related injury. If performance is your goal, a run gait analysis can help you develop optimal mechanics, efficiency, and speed.

What should I expect at my run gait analysis appointment?
Please wear your preferred running shoes and running clothes to your appointment. The session will start with a subjective portion of your running and injury history.

Following the subjective portion, you will warm up for a few minutes before beginning your run on the treadmill. Once you are up to your comfortable running pace, we will take a few short video clips with our iPad. From there we can analyze your form during different phases of your gait cycle. This will help us determine if you are placing increased stress on any body regions while you run, and what drills or exercises we can give you to help improve your pain and body mechanics.

You may come in for a one-off appointment if you simply want a run gait analysis. If you want more extensive training on form, or if pain continues, you may want to schedule more appointments to dial things in and progress as you are able.

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