What is a physical therapist, and how can they help me?

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Although I love my profession, I have to admit that physical therapists are terrible at educating the public on what we actually do. I’ve heard people refer to me as anything from a personal trainer to a personal torturer. Although I have to admit it’s a clever spin on the abbreviation “PT”, we are neither personal trainers nor personal torturers. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most of us are in fact very, very nice people.

All jokes aside, what exactly is a physical therapist, or PT? And what do they do?

PTs are trained to evaluate, diagnose, and treat a variety of muscular and skeletal injuries, neurological disorders, or what I like to call Problems with a capital P. Ideally, we love to see people before something becomes a Problem. If our patients give us the opportunity, we are statistically very effective in preventing Problems. Problems can result in pain, immobility, unfavorable lifestyle modifications, loss of independence, surgery, medication, and avoidable healthcare costs… yuck! Let us save you a load of “yuck” and the healthcare system a load of money.

Speaking of the healthcare system…it’s a scary, uncertain time out there and here at Jackson County Physical Therapy we want to acknowledge that. It’s very understandable if you are nervous to schedule an in-person appointment with anyone at this time, PTs included. Although telehealth visits do not allow for hands on treatment they do allow for the safe transmission of information without transmission of less desirable, things like Covid-19.

Patients are often surprised at how a simple exercise or bit of professional advise can address a nagging Problem. We can demonstrate exercises and discuss strategies through video without the need for masks, hand sanitizers, and any of the other items that you inevitably cannot find in the grocery store right now. Even for a technology dunce like myself, these visits are easy to coordinate with your computer, smartphone, or tablet by simply clicking a link that we send to your email. Consider setting up a telehealth visit so that a physical therapist can point you in the right direction at a time where you may find yourself with a bit of extra time.

I will not list every single condition that we treat, as it will inevitably be incomplete. I will, however, say that if it aches, hurts, burns, tingles, feels numb, feels weak, feels uncoordinated, makes you dizzy, is swollen, doesn’t move enough, moves too much, pops, clicks, gives way…we can probably treat that. And if we can’t? We are educated, trained, and board certified in order to tell you where you need to go and who you need to see, in person or via screen, to be properly treated. That is why we earn a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and why you can, in the majority of all cases, come directly to see us without your physician’s referral. And yes, your insurance will pay for it.

Contact Jackson County Physical Therapy if it sounds like the education and training of our physical therapists may benefit you and your quality of life. In addition to treating Problems, we are also incredibly nerdy, passionate, and pumped to spread the word about WHAT WE DO.

Stay safe out there my friends,
The Jackson County Physical Therapy Crew

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