100 Best Companies To Work For in Oregon in 2024

2024 - 100 Best Companies To Work For in Oregon

We are pleased and proud that Jackson County PT has earned a spot on the list of Top 100 Best Companies To Work For in Oregon for 2024! What an honor.

We thank our management and staff for fostering an outstanding workplace and helping to make Jackson County PT a great place to work. We value each and every one of you. Read more

Are You Ready for Ski Season? Part 4


This week I am going to talk about mobility and the importance of a proper warm-up and cool down. Most people are either really tight or really flexible. For those of you who are tight, it is especially important for you to stretch after your day of skiing or snowboarding. Read more

Are You Ready for Ski Season? Part 3


It may be obvious, but you need to have good balance for skiing and snowboarding! Mountains are riddled with unexpected obstacles and you need to be able to react to these appropriately so that you can reduce your risk of injury.

In this article, we review the three main components of balance and offer simple tests you can use to assess which you are good at or where you need to improve. Read more

How Can Physical Therapy Help TMJ?

TMJ Jaw Pain

Individuals suffering from TMJ pain often have difficulty eating, sleeping, talking, laughing, and more. This pain frequently results in people having to significantly adjust their diet and lifestyle because of the intensity of their symptoms. They’ll often also suffer from migraines and neck pain.

How can Physical Therapy help? Read more

Are You Ready for Ski Season? Part 2

This week I am writing about strength training exercises that will help you during this snow season. Core and leg strength are two of the most important areas of the body to focus on when building strength for skiing. This is because your legs are where 60% of ski injuries occur (compared to 25% in the upper extremities), and having a strong core with good endurance is important for maintaining your ski/snowboard position and to perform turns or abrupt stops. Read more

Are you ready for ski season?

Isaac on the slopes

What type of endurance exercise should you perform to prepare for the ski/snowboard season? Endurance is crucial for skiing and snowboarding because you are often out on the slopes for multiple hours at a time. You need to have a baseline level of endurance to be able to handle this, otherwise your risk of injury increases due to the effects fatigue can have on your balance and reaction time. Read more

Common Mistakes When Training for a Race


Training for any kind of race, whether it’s a 5K or a 100K, can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of different training plans and apps that provide training plans, but the sad truth is that many of them have no physiological scientific basis and eventually lead people to overtraining, injuries, or poor performance in an event. Read more

To Stretch or Not to Stretch?

athletes stretching

A good workout starts with a good warm-up. But what is a good warm up? Is there a “right” way? Recent research advises dynamic stretching over static.

But why is it considered better? How do you do a dynamic warm-up? Let’s take a closer look. Read more