JCPT Voted Southern Oregon’s Favorite PT Clinic!

Southern Oregon Magazine Readers Choice 2023

JCPT is humbled and honored to once again be Voted Southern Oregon’s Favorite PT Clinic in Southern Oregon Magazine’s 2023 Readers Choice Awards. Thank you to everyone who voted for us and to all our patients who have entrusted us with their physical therapy needs.

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JCPT makes 2023 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon List

2023 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon

We are very pleased to announce that Jackson County Physical Therapy has made the 2023 list of 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon. We congratulate our management and staff for fostering an outstanding workplace. The rankings were based on the confidential input of employees who answered questions about workplace satisfaction concerning topics such … Read more

Fall and Winter Crops to Remember

Once October approaches, the theme of the season quickly transitions to Pumpkin Spice, Ginger Snap and Peppermint. Whether this be in latte, pie or cookie form, it is a desired seasonal flavor everyone craves until the New Year passes. There is a reason why these top tasty items become so abundant this time of the year. It’s the great Fall and Winter harvest for these particular crops. Especially Pumpkins! Read more

Do you drink enough water?

Woman drinking glass of water

Drinking water can help us feel and perform our best. PLUS, it’s calorie, sugar and caffeine free! It is the healthiest choice to flush and fuel our bodies, clear skin and improve our moods. Water can even boost energy and balance our internal PH levels to help everything function properly, or better. Read more

Mail Tribune Readers choose JCPT – Best of the Best 2022

Mail Tribune Best of the Best Physical Therapists 2022

In Medford’s Mail Tribune annual Best of the Best competition, Jackson County Physical Therapy is proud to have been voted Best of the Best Physical Therapists for 2022. Clinic director and physical therapist Justin Carson accepted the award saying, “We are so grateful for this honor. We are proud to have served our community for 27 years and counting.” Read more

The Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing

Deep Breathing

If you experience stress, anxiety, chronic pain, or tension anywhere from your jaw to your pelvic floor, you may want to check out how you are breathing. Tuning into your breathing pattern even for a few minutes a day can help calm your nervous system and reduce chronic tension. Diaphragmatic breathing just means encouraging the body to breathe more with the diaphragm. Read more

Ergonomic Tips When Using Screens

Tips for an Ergonomic Workspace

Are you finding working or playing on your computer/phone/tablet to be a pain in the neck – literally? Neck pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many other conditions can result from a poor set-up.

Here are some tips that will help adjust your workstation or screen set-up to help prevent injury. Read more

What is a Run Gait Analysis?

Woman running on trail

A run gait analysis is a way to determine your running form, looking at joint angles at different parts of your gait cycle to understand the forces on your body while you run. If you have running related pain, a gait analysis is a great way to determine whether there are biomechanical changes we can make to improve your run form and reduce your pain. It can also help improve efficiency and performance of your running, and reduce your risk of developing a running related injury! Read more

JCPT named Readers Choice Best Physical Therapist

Southern Oregon Magazine voted Readers Choice 2022

Southern Oregon Magazine Spring 2022 issue features their Best of Southern Oregon Readers Choice 2022 picks. The people have voted. Jackson County Physical Therapy is excited and honored to have been elected as “Best Physical Therapist”. Read more

Pain to Power Cycling Workshop

Learn how to fit your bike & move your body to achieve proper posture,maximize mechanics, reduce injury, and reach maximum performance. MAY 10 – 6 PM at Ashland Strength Studio. Presenter: Danielle Van Liew PT, DPT Read more