Linda Muhlenkamp PT, MPT, CIMT

Stephanie Clark, PT, DPT, OCS

Linda Muhlenkamp PT, MPT, CIMT (Certified Integrated Manual Therapist) grew up in Ohio and attended Ohio Northern University where she graduated with a bachelor of science degree in biology. At Ohio Northern, she was a four sport collegiate athlete competing in volleyball, basketball, softball, and tennis. She then attended Northwestern University in Chicago where she earned a master’s degree in physical therapy. After graduation, she moved to Florida to enjoy some warm weather and sunshine while working for a rehabilitation hospital. In this setting, Linda got a lot of experience working with neurological patients especially strokes and traumatic brain injuries.

A few years later Linda wanted to explore the country so decided to work as a travelling physical therapist and got to experience many different places and work settings including acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient private practices, acute rehabilitation, home health, and pediatrics – school and clinic based.

When she was ready to settle down, she chose Lodi, California and worked for Lodi Memorial Hospital for several years. She had many roles in that organization including lead outpatient therapist and rehabilitation supervisor. Also during that time, she worked toward getting a certification in manual therapy which is her passion. She completed that certification (Certified Integrated Manual Therapist) in 2018.

She enjoys treating a wide variety of patients including spine and all extremity joints, neurological diagnoses especially stroke, athletes, pediatrics and all age groups. She makes it a point to get to know what her patient’s thoughts and needs are when designing a treatment plan. Her goal is to find and correct the specific dysfunctions that are causing the problem and to empower the patient to maintain improved function and decreased pain.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, doing anything outdoors – camping, hiking, backpacking, bicycling, tennis, yoga, photography – and learning new things.


Leah Harris, PT, DPT

Leah Harris, PT, DPT
Leah Harris, PT, DPT is a Southern Oregon native who spent the better part of her childhood playing soccer, running, riding horses, and generally sustaining some sort of athletic-related injury. This early experience with physical therapy gave Leah an appreciation of the human body and an innate curiosity for rehabilitation science.

Leah graduated from Stanford University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology. During her undergraduate career, she ran cross country and track, specializing in the 1500m. Leah feels that her experience as a student athlete gave her a strong personal connection to patients who seek to return to their passions, maximize their performance, and prevent future injury.

In 2009, Leah moved across the country to pursue a Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Duke University. During graduate school, Leah dabbled in long distance triathlon competitions, completing her first half-ironman. She also put her Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) education to use as a personal trainer. After graduate school, Leah took her first job as a physical therapist in Nashville, Tennessee. She became certified in Astym, a soft tissue therapy technique which aids in the reabsorption of dysfunctional tissue and restoration of normal, pain-free movement patterns. She became a teaching assistance for Astym courses and continues to act as a writer and teaching assistant to the Astym program. Leah also became a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) and has taken her first steps towards beginning her North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (NAIOMT) residency which she continues to pursue. In 2015 Leah opened up her own cash-based PT practice treating a diverse patient population and focusing on one-on-one care. Leah firmly believes in this method of treating patients and is proud of Jackson County Physical Therapy’s commitment to this same model of care.

In 2017, Leah, her husband and their three cats moved to Southern Oregon. She is ecstatic to be home and even more appreciative of the natural beauty and gentle pace of life in Southern Oregon. In her free time, Leah enjoys remodeling her 1950s home, gardening, swimming, cooking, reading, rock climbing and exploring the beautiful state of Oregon. She also enjoys spoiling her cats and wonderful husband, in that order.

Deborah Lang

Deborah Lang is an Oregon-licensed and NCCAOM-certified acupuncturist, and a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In 2000 she received her Master’s degree with honors from Yo San University in Los Angeles, and has been practicing in the Rogue Valley since 2001.  Deborah also is a Certified AromaAcupoint Therapist™ (AAT), which is a gentle, effective treatment that utilizes pure, small-batch essential plant oils applied to acupuncture points that have mutual function and resonance.  This enhances all acupuncture treatments, and is especially beneficial for mental and emotional issues, stress, etc. 

Deborah also has good working knowledge of Western herbal medicine and homeopathy, and she enjoys providing care for people of all ages, and is always exploring new techniques and products in an effort to bring quality of life to those she treats.  She has had success treating a variety of conditions including pain, gynecological/menopausal issues, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, PTSD, anxiety, and depression.  In addition, Deborah completed a one-year post-graduate training in nutritional therapy from the Nutritional Therapy Assn.  She also has several years of experience as a massage therapist and a birth doula. 

Outside of her acupuncture life, Deborah enjoys knitting, reading, spending time with her dogs, walking trails, and drinking large quantities of good tea.

Deborah Lang
Oregon-licensed and NCCAOM-certified acupuncturist

Swimmer’s Shoulder and Injury Prevention event

Happy Fall Swimmers!

Just letting you know about an upcoming event I am putting on about Swimmer’s Shoulder and Injury Prevention for Master’s Swimmers and triathletes.

The presentation and clinic this past spring went great, and I look forward to seeing some familiar faces again!

When: Sunday Sept 30th 1:30 pm to 4:30
Sign up:
Cost: $30 cash or check at the door (covers both presentation and in-water clinic)

Have specific questions you want answered? Send them in advance to:

Hope to see you there!

Liz Amuchastegui

Liz Amuchastegui, PT, DPT

Liz Amuchastegui PT, DPT

Special areas of interest:
Shoulder pain, swimmers, orthopedic injuries, sports injuries

Liz Amuchastegui PT, DPT ("Uh-MOOCH-ah-STEH-gee") received her Doctor of Physical
Therapy degree from Regis University in 2015 with Alpha Sigma Nu honors. She loves to work
with patients and athletes of all ages, helping them understand their treatment plan and how it
relates to their goals. She seeks to give her patients the tools they need to learn to take care of
their own bodies and get back to doing the things they love while addressing the root cause of
their problems and preventing recurrences. Liz enjoys treating all orthopedic conditions but
particularly the shoulder. She is also skilled at treating hypermobile individuals and athletes
seeking a quick but safe return to sports. She has a keen eye for adverse movement patterns
and uses a hands-on and detailed approach.

Liz also works with local swim clubs on injury prevention programs and technique optimization.
Before working as a physical therapist, Liz studied at Stanford University, and competed on the
swim team, achieving two 2nd place individual NCAA Div. 1 finishes. She also competed in
national and international competitions, including three Olympic Trials and World University

As a registered USA swimming coach, Liz teaches swim lessons and coaches competitive
swimmers, including “dryland” swimming strength sessions. In her free time, she enjoys hiking,
mountain biking, skiing, camping, and backpacking with her husband Nick.


East Medford

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Medford, OR 97504
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Phillip Hanson, PT, DPT, CSCS, CF-L1 – Spanish-Speaking; athletes, sports medicine, neck, back, shoulder, TMJ, Crossfit

Liz Amuchastegui, PT, DPT – Shoulder, Knee, Hip, Lumbar,  pelvis/SI joint, Thoratic/ribs, Crossfit, sports injuries, swimming, running, hypermobility/instability

JCPT is proud to be the Official Physical Therapy provider to Rogue Community College Athletics

Stephanie Clark, PT, DPT, OCS

Stephanie Clark, PT, DPT, OCS

Stephanie Clark, PT, DPT, OCS is a physical therapist specializing in a variety of orthopedic conditions. She received her doctorate of physical therapy from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2014. She continued her education in orthopedics following graduation by pursuing a residency with Benchmark Rehab Institute which she completed in 2015. She has gone on to become board certified in orthopedics by the American Physical Therapy Association obtaining Orthopedic Clinical Specialist certification (OCS) in 2017.

Her passion for orthopedics extends to every facet of outpatient physical therapy from generalized pain to specific injury/surgery.  Her favorite challenge in orthopedics is to ascertain the causative source of “pain” be it spine or extremity. She excels at treating a variety of conditions including cervicothoracic, lumbopelvic, shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand, hip, knee, foot/ankle.

She is an avid runner, cyclist, backpacker, climber, and general adventurer, and very much enjoys treating people who share these interests. Whether the client is a weekend warrior, serious athlete, has just had an orthopedic surgery, or is generally experiencing pain of an orthopedic nature, she is excited about identifying the client’s goals for physical therapy, and helping them to achieve these goals along every step of the way.


Jackson County Physical Therapy announces a partnership with Rogue TRI Performance.


            Rogue TRI Performance – Triathlons • Running • Cycling            
Rogue TRI Performance’s Michael Gallagher (CSCS) offers Triathlon Training,
                                    Strength & Conditioning,                                                
Endurance training and Sports Nutrition. Triathlon coaches


We’re happy to announce a partnership with Rogue TRI Performance and Michael Gallagher (CSCS) for our patients that have returned to sport and are looking for that next level of training. We’ll be offering coaching/training discounts, and Rogue Tri Performance provides triathlon training and coaching services not only for multi-sport athletes but for runners, cyclists, swimmers and those looking to get into shape through strength training. They focus on the range of individuals from just starting out to those looking to maximize their performance.

Coach Michael (CSCS) himself is a certified coach for USA Triathlon, US Masters Swimming, and Ace. While also competing himself, he shows a strong dedication to the needs of his athletes and we look forward to helping them recover faster while understanding their injuries in more depth to keep them healthy for the long run.

Ellen Goodall, PT, DPT

Ellen Goodall, PT, DPT

Vertigo, dizziness/ear infection/BPPV, balance, Meniere’s disease, vestibular loss, headaches, neck, shoulder, joint replacement, yoga

Ellen grew up in New Hampshire and received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Ithaca College in 2012.  Ellen moved to Southern Oregon and joined Jackson County Physical Therapy in 2017.  Since joining JCPT, Ellen has developed a passion for vestibular rehabilitation, treating those with vertigo, dizziness and imbalance.   

 Ellen also treats neck and upper extremity conditions, as well as knee, ankle and foot pain.  In addition, Ellen has experience with orthopedic and neurologic rehabilitation in outpatient and subacute settings.  Ellen places a strong emphasis on patient education, training proper posture, body mechanics and functional stabilization for best recovery and long-term carryover of gains made in physical therapy.   

 Ellen loves hiking, practicing yoga, traveling, and spending time with her two dogs. 

Physical Therapy Provides an Alternative to the Rising Use of Opioids

As you may have seen during the Superbowl, Opioid use is spiraling out of control in the United States, and those suffering from pain conditions need an alternative. Some are heralding physical therapy as a safe and effective alternative to treating pain, without the threat of addiction.
To spread the message that conservative, nondrug approaches can effectively manage pain, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has joined others in the federal, state, local and private sectors to address the prescription drug abuse and heroin epidemic. They collectively advocate that a multidisciplinary clinical approach—including physical therapists serving on the care team alongside physicians and other healthcare providers—can improve quality of life for patients with acute and chronic pain.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, physicians wrote 259 million opioid prescriptions in 2012, which translates to one bottle of pills per American adult. The American Academy of Pain Medicine reports that pain disorders are on the rise, affecting more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. The commonly prescribed opioids OxyContin and Vicodin act quickly to get pain under control, but these drugs can also be harmful and addictive when abused.
An individualized physical therapy plan aims to reduce a patient’s pain and associated disability, improve function, and promote health and well-being. A physical therapist performs a comprehensive evaluation, after which they address chronic pain with a combination of movement exercises, manual therapy, and education about pain science, body alignment and movement. Physical therapists help patients understand the underlying cause of pain.

Addiction to opioids is not a new phenomenon, but it has escalated to new proportions. The number of Americans dying each year from drug overdoses has surpassed that of motor vehicle crashes. More than half of patients prescribed opioids for chronic pain continue to take the painkillers five years later, according to a 2011 study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. In fact, a staggering four in five new heroin users started out misusing prescription painkillers, according to a National Center for Health Statistics Data Brief.

Jackson County Physical was founded in 1995 and currently has four locations: Medford, Ashland, Eagle Point and Phoenix. We are a full service physical therapy clinic that does not utilize Physical Therapy Assistants. All appointments are 45 minutes, hands on, one-on-one.