What to do after an injury?

Sports Injury

Injuries are normal and expected at some point throughout life, whether it’s from playing sports, yard work, sleeping in an odd position or even tying your shoes! These situations are normal; it’s the next step after the injury that impacts your future. Read more

Effective Treatment For Headaches

Managing Headaches

There is an effective headache treatment of each type of headache that exists. And one of the keys to get rid of headaches is determining what type or types (as you can have more than one headache type at a time) you have.

So let’s start with three main headache types
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Seminar: Managing Low Back Pain

Speaker: Dr. Kate Wagner – Neurosurgeon at Southern Oregon Neurological and Spine Associates When: Tuesday January 25, 2022; 6:30 PM Where: Courthouse Family Fitness 709 N. Phoenix Rd., Medford, OR 97504 
Cost: FREE for interested participants All are invited: physical therapists, medical staff, community members. Register To sign up contact Stephanie Clark, PT (541)482-6360 | … Read more

When to return to sports following an injury?

PT working with patient

When treating active patients that are eager to return to sports or activities following an injury, one of the most common and important questions is “when can I play sports again?” In this blog post we are going to discuss this difficult and multi-faceted question so we can better understand why it is such a challenging situation and how we can make sure patients are ready for activity. Read more

JCPT Voted First Southern Oregon’s Best Of The Best 2021

Best of the Best 2021 First Place

The Southern Oregon community was asked to nominate their favorite businesses for Southern Oregon’s Best of the Best 2021 Mail Tribune reader poll. The votes have been tallied. Jackson County Physical Therapy is proud to have been voted 1st Place Winner in the Physical Therapists category. When notified of the win, Justin Carson, partner in … Read more

The Classic Ankle Sprain – How To Diagnose, Treat, And Avoid Reoccurrence

If you have rolled your ankle once, you are statistically more likely to have a second, third, fourth ankle injury. Seems kind of cruel and unfair, right? However, just because something is statistically true doesn’t mean it will actually be true for you. Don’t be a statistic. Know what happened, how to treat it, and how to buck the trend. Read more

Diastasis Recti: The Five Things You Need To Know About Abdominal Injury

This blog post is NOT a “you can do it!” rah-rah suggestion to “get your body back” and/or “drop that baby weight” for a flatter tummy, a bathing suit body, or any other ridiculous-ness. It is an explanation of how abdominal injury can occur during pregnancy, how it can be identified, why it can pose a risk to your long term health, and what you can do to prevent that. Read more

Why you don’t have sciatica

Sciatica is not a diagnosis; it is a broad, umbrella description of symptoms that one may experience when their sciatic nerve becomes irritated. More often than not, “sciatica” is what your medical professional tells you you have when they are too distracted, busy, or unskilled to provide you with an accurate diagnosis. Read more

Foam Rolling – Mobility Work Or Masochism?

I find that many athletes think they need to use the foam roller as intensely as possible to produce the maximum amount of pain. After 30 seconds of pure agony, they put the foam roller back in the closet and consider themselves sufficiently “rolled” for the month. What a shame! If this describes you, you … Read more