Craniofacial and TMJ Pain

Suffering from headaches, clicking, jaw pain or stiffness?
Our physical therapy specialists can find and treat the root causes of facial pain.

Physical Therapy for craniofacial pain

Did you know that physical therapists can treat jaw pain, jaw clicking or popping, and headaches?

Living with craniofacial pain can take a huge toll on your ability to participate in normal day-to-day activities, your favorite hobbies, and your employment duties.

Fortunately, Jackson County Physical Therapy has specialists available who have been trained to identify the specific cause of your symptoms, resolve them, and help you maintain a pain free lifestyle for the long term.

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Common craniofacial issues that we treat can include:

  • TMJ disorders (TMD) and jaw pain
  • headaches
  • clicking/popping/pain with eating and jaw opening
  • difficulty opening mouth