Neck and Back Pain

Don’t settle for just having “a bad back” or “a bad neck”.
Let us help you get back to your regular routine with confidence, strength, and ease.

Treatment for Back Pain

Pain in the neck and/or back is the most common complaint we treat at Jackson County Physical Therapy.

We understand the frustration that can come from being issued a cookie-cutter treatment plan that doesn’t provide the relief you need.

At Jackson County Physical Therapy we will always investigate your detailed history and, with your input, create a care plan specific to your unique symptoms.

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Common back and neck pain issues that we can treat include:

  • disc herniation, injury, or “slipped disc”
  • nerve impingement or “pinching”
  • sciatic nerve injury or “sciatica”
  • muscle strain/sprain
  • arthritic changes and arthritis
  • motor vehicle accidents and whiplash
  • postural correction
  • joint stiffness and range of motion deficits
  • pain with sleeping, driving, reading or computer use
  • pain with standing, walking, sitting, or twisting
  • UE and/or LE radiating pain or weakness
  • arm or leg numbness/tingling