Post Surgery Recovery

Manage pain, regain normal movement, and recover from surgery faster.
Let us create post-surgery physical therapy rehab just for you.

Post Surgery Physical Therapy

Undergoing surgery can be scary and painful; therefore, recovering correctly and quickly is essential to optimizing your post-surgical results.

A surgery may help to correct an arthritic joint or a torn muscle, ligament, or tendon. However, surgery alone will not necessarily restore your flexibility, strength, or ability to move without pain. Specific guidance during your recovery process is necessary in order achieve these goals.

Surgeons often issue specific post-operative guidelines that can differ significantly between two patients, even if those patients both had the same type of surgery. Our therapist will guide you in performing the correct exercises and activities after your surgery and ensure that you are doing the right things to help yourself heal as quickly as possible.

Minimize confusion and maximize your results by letting our trained therapists at Jackson County Physical Therapy guide you through your post-surgical rehabilitation.

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Common surgeries that we frequently see can include:

  • knee replacement
  • hip replacement
  • shoulder replacement
  • rotator cuff repair or shoulder surgery
  • knee ligament/meniscus repair or knee surgery
  • general strengthening after hospital stay
  • assistive device and gait training
  • foot/ankle surgery
  • elbow/wrist/hand surgery