Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Maximize your Physical Therapy with Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

What is RTM?
Remote Therapeutic Monitoring, or RTM, is our way of helping you reach your physical therapy goals from the comfort of your own home.

Not only do you have 45-minute appointments, one-on-one with a physical therapist in the clinic of your choice, but you now also have a digital version of your Home Exercise Program, a way to track your performance and progress, and as a bonus; an experienced therapist to help you troubleshoot issues between visits!

Our dedicated RTM therapist, Matt Jurek DPT, CSCS, will be available to answer any questions, helping you problem solve issues as they arise with a same day response through a secure chat portal. He will periodically check-in to offer his virtual assistance – further bolstering your recovery.

Research shows that this level of continuous care makes for the best outcomes.

Attention: RTM enrollment is required for all Medicare and MedAdvantage clients. We ask that you use your online patient portal to access your Home Exercises and mark your completion each day – That’s it!

How to enroll in RTM

You will receive an email from Jackson County Physical Therapy via Physiotec at the time of your first in-clinic appointment at JCPT. Your clinic therapist will be sending your Home Exercise Program (HEP) via this email. Follow instructions in the email to gain access to your patient portal HEP. Registration takes approximately 1 minute.

Matt will contact you and be responsible for overseeing your Remote Therapeutic Monitoring.

Schedule RTM Set Up and Training

Matt is using Calendly to schedule RTM set up and training.

Schedule RTM Set Up and Training with Matt

Schedule your phone call time to meet Matt, register your account, and be trained on your own RTM patient portal.

Matt Jurek DPT, CSCSJCPT therapist Matt Jurek has over 14 years of clinical experience. Matt will contact you and be responsible for overseeing your Remote Therapeutic Monitoring.

Contact Matt
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phone: (541) 414-3442

What is RTM, and how do I sign up?

Watch this helpful video we made to assist you!