Telehealth, Telemedicine Physical Therapy or TelePT is high-quality & convenient care provided over a technology platform, rather than an in-person office visit.

What Is A TelePT Visit?

  • It is a remote, one-on-one Telehealth appointment with one of our skilled physical therapists.
  • It is performed on a computer connected to the internet.
  • During your visit you will receive:
    • – Movement Evaluation to determine your true problem.
    • – Education on why you are hurting and how to prevent it from reoccurring
    • – Exercise prescription specifically to meet your needs
  • This option is convenient. It is your Physical Therapy visit on your terms.

Important: Most Insurance plans DO pay for Telehealth PT visits.

Prepare for Your TelePT Visit?

  • Make sure your computer or phone is fully charged or plugged in to the electrical outlet.
    (Computer works best vs a cell phone.)
    If you are planning on using your phone, you will need to download the Microsoft “Teams” app.
  • Make sure your computer speaker and microphone is turned/active.
    (Google Chrome or Firefox and preferred; Internet Explorer usually does not work well.)
  • Close all open windows on the device you are using.
  • Make sure no other device is using your WIFI or internet.
    (Turn off your Netflix, Sling TV etc.)
  • Getting closer to the WIFI tower help strengthen your signal if needed.
  • If we have a bad connection and you can’t hear or see your therapist then exit out of the visit and try to enter again through your text or emailed invitation.